On-site Tech Support for New York SMB

You don’t need a budget of Coca-Cola Co. to have a reliable IT system and on-site tech support for your company. What really matters is an experienced computer consultant and IT equipment you can rely on. And we have both!

Secure Networks ITC is an IT company based here in New York and we give you the opportunity to have premium on-site IT support at affordable prices. What makes us different?

  • You will work with an BBB accredited company with A+ rating,
  • Your IT system and on-site tech support will be handled by certified technicians with tons of experience and knowledge,
  • You will be introduced to the best IT practices no matter what industry you belong to,
  • You are guaranteed lowest prices for desktop, server and network equipment since we are official partners and premium sellers for Microsoft, Dell, VMWare, Lenovo for 15 years now
  • Our location gives us the capacity to cover entire New York County and be at your place very quickly.

That is great you’ll say but what about prices? Prices and monthly plans are created with special attention to small and medium-sized businesses in New York. Onsite technical service costs $135 per hour. Minimum two hours will be charged for every on-site assistance. Hey, but that’s affordable you’ll think. And that’s the reason we developed a monthly plan that will cut your IT expenses to the lowest level.

Perfect Balance Between High-Quality Service and Great Value?

You don’t need to wait for an emergency or some kind of disaster to happen to have our IT technician or engineer. We can schedule planned proactive visits to your premises and be proactive. These scheduled visits are included in the price of the Unlimited plan. Maintenance and timely manner troubleshooting on regular basis will make you save HUGE!

Why pay hourly when you can have unlimited monthly support at a flat rate?

Unlimited Plan
Desktop support YES
Network support YES
Server support YES

Unlimited plan is focused on ensuring that the cost of the maintenance will never exceed the price of the plan. Clients with Unlimited plan will not pay for on-site IT services, no matter if our on-site visit is scheduled or you had an emergency.

If your business IT system doesn’t require often on-site visits you can fit in Limited monthly plan.

Limited Plan
Desktop support YES
Network support YES
Server support YES

The main difference between Limited and Unlimited would be the number support hours included in the price of the plan.

The Limited plan is the perfect solution for businesses with simple an IT system. It will provide with great service but at the limited support hours. If that number exceeds the plan, you will be charged for the additional labor.

Custom options and plans? Yes!

Let everyone do their job. We’ll take care of your IT so you can have zero distractions to become your industry superstar or guru.

Whatever plan you choose you will have a dedicated IT manager onboard who will make sure that everything related to your IT is at the highest level possible.


Most of our IT services can be done remotely, but in some cases like when you don’t have an active internet connection, or your server or workstation has hardware problem we need to dispatch our field technician to your location.

Basically, on-site tech support can be scheduled or emergency one. If you need on-site support during a special time of the year or particular dates important to you and your clients, we can arrange that too. A proactive approach is the key to success. What’s the point of your to-do-list if you don’t have access to the Internet or your server is down. That’s why you should take clear benefits of our monthly plans.

We Come to Your Location

You will need on-site support services in some of these scenarios:

  • To set up new network infrastructure (cabling, routers, firewalls, switches, etc.)
  • To set up a new server, prepare server room and racks,
  • To install new VoIP phones or security cameras,
  • To replace a malfunctioned piece of equipment, workstation, server, printer or some network device,
  • In the case of an emergency. Our technician will locate and solve the problem to minimize your downtime and secure your business continuity,
  • Disaster recovery,
  • Relocate your IT infrastructure to a different location. Read more about office relocation here

Book an appointment or assessment of your IT needs online using the form below or by phone at (213) 861-2255. See how our field techs can help you at your location.

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